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Through the delivery of healthy and affordable bundles of fruits and vegetables, Square Roots is a social enterprise aimed at tackling food insecurity, food deserts, and food waste in Nova Scotia. Nova Scotia has the highest food insecurity and food waste of any province in Canada; why should people go hungry when good food is going to waste?

Square Roots sources imperfect produce from local farmers and works with low-income communities to increase access to affordable fruits and vegetables. We receive orders, sort the produce into bundles, and distribute them to customers at convenient drop-off points across the city. Square Roots was launched in Uniacke Square with the help of two youth from the community. Since launching, Square Roots has already distributed over 13,000 lbs of food to hundreds of families, while bringing in nearly $11,000 in revenue that’s reinvested to grow the business.


Below you can place an online order for any of our subscription options. Bundles contain approximately 10lbs of fresh vegetables and are offered at $10 for those who can afford it or $5 for those who may be short on funds. This social pricing model allows more people to gain access to fresh produce. Recently, we began offering a three-month subscription service for $60 where each month you receive a bundle and a family in need also receives one! Remember to check out our Token Program tab to support another great initiative!




Project Managers

Natalia Gutierrez:

Christine Ingham:

Square Roots Sign-up

Fill out your information below to sign up for the Square Roots vegetable bundle service! You will be contacted with information on the next drop-off.
  • All bundles are approximately 10 lbs, regardless of the price. By choosing the $10 bundle, you are supporting others who may be short on funds to purchase at the $5 discounted rate.
  • We cannot accommodate all personalized requests, however, we will do our best to consider all suggestions and will contact you if we are unable to meet your request.
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